Good Jewelry Designs, Popular Jewelry Designs and Jewelry Designs That Last Part II

Continuing with my likes and dislikes in stone setting styles

Channel Bead/Pinpoint

My favorite setting style for small diamonds. You get the full look of each diamond but with the protection of the side walls. The diamonds and beads are recessed into the ring like channel setting but you don’t cover 20% of the diamond when setting.

Channel Setting

Probably the most secure and durable style of setting when properly done. In channel setting approximately 20% of your diamond is covered by the metal.
Inexpensive mass-produced jewelry can sometimes look like this and literally be set into the channel with little nicks of gold (Yuck). Thanks chain stores for that idea.
Another thing to be aware of with channel setting is strong supports under the diamonds. The best is a solid ring with a channel formed from the gold with just small holes under the diamond for cleaning. Oh, yeah, the holes under a diamond are for ease of cleaning-not so light can reach the diamond. Uhm, your finger is in the ring under the diamond so no light (Thanks again chain stores).


The fishtail setting has several variations on the style of prongs but in general it is a split shared prong. It gives a lot of metal to secure your diamonds, it wears very well and is also popular with us CAD designers.
When I need exposed beads or prongs I turn to it for setting style.

Bar setting

Bar settings are, well, just that. Set with bars. They are cool, a little different but they must be set well or, you, your diamonds are going to fall out. All that’s holding the diamonds is a little groove cut into each bar then the metal is squeezed and hammered down to secure them. That is a lot like channel setting but without the security of the whole channel. One thing that is important is the under-mount. It is what keeps your diamond from sliding out.

So, here’s the deal with diamond setting. There are a lot of options out there, more than I have shown but many are not the worlds greatest for creating a ring that will last decades. I always relate setting styles to sports cars, the cooler, the more unique it is, the higher the maintenance. Yeah, that word again-maintenance. Yeah, folks, your jewelry WILL need maintenance and repairs, there is no such thing as jewelry that lasts forever. Anyone that offers a lifetime warranty is just charging more to cover the repairs it will need, they require you to have it checked every 6 months (Uhmmm, that’s to try to sell you something new while they are checking your jewelry)

So, buy quality jewelry, Insurance it with a company that specializes in jewelry insurance and wear the stuff.

Today, I offer complete custom jewelry design, diamonds, lab created diamonds, Moissanite, Colored gemstones. You name it.
I work online and locally here in Downingtown, PA. by appointment.

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