Good Jewelry Designs, Popular Jewelry Designs, and Jewelry Designs That Last

So what do I mean by good design, popular design and designs that will last?


No picture because they are, well, Micro.

I am not a fan of Micro-Pave. The diamonds are so small (.5mm to .9mm) the amount of gold you can use to hold them in is just not enough to ensure decades of wear (my opinion). I just measured a sewing needle at .7mm. Come on, do you really want diamonds that small? Yeah, we can set ‘em (with a microscope). Over time THEY WILL FALL OUT. But given enough time every diamond will eventually fall out without maintenance. Yup, jewelry needs maintenance just like every other thing we use daily.

Scalloped Setting

Today’s scalloped settings are one of the worse-overused settings out there now (In my opinion). The metal that is on the sides is very thin. Most of the time it has shared prongs. With a wedding band rubbing against it, they wear away in no time.

Surface Prong

The surface prong is very popular with CAD designers. Even though you do have exposed prongs on the sides they can be designed to be larger-thicker and heavier than scalloped settings. Overall, not a horrible setting but kind of plain.

Shared Prong

Traditional shared prongs is one of the best shared prong settings out there that is affordable. Another that is used extensively in CAD design but also wax carved and fabricated. Once again the prongs can be designed to any size and any shape.

Next time we’ll talk about channel set, bar set, fishtail and bezel

Today, I offer complete custom jewelry design, diamonds, lab created diamonds, Moissanite, Colored gemstones. You name it.

I work online and locally here in Downingtown, PA. by appointment.

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