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Custom Jewelry-How Is It made?

I have been chatting with friends in the business discussing the current state of “Custom Jewelry” In the industry, there are a lot of opinions on what makes a piece of jewelry custom. Then there is the discussion of handmade custom. Maybe you don’t care who or how it was made but like anything I

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Why Is My White Gold Turning Yellow?

Why Is My White Gold Turning Yellow? Ahh, one of the most asked questions in the jewelry industry. Why doesn’t my white gold look white anymore? Well, folks, gold comes out of the ground yellow…very yellow. There is no such thing as white gold unless we transform yellow gold into white. Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

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Why Does My Ring Turn My Finger Black?

Oh man, I wonder how many times I’ve heard this in all the years of retail. First let me tell you. Gold does not turn your finger colors. The alloys that makes up the finished gold, the environment, your makeup, medicine, what you eat, how it fits your finger and your hygiene (Yup, I’ll say

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Why Does Custom Jewelry Take So Long?

So why does making a piece of custom jewelry take so long? When a manufacturer creates a piece of jewelry for mass production, they go through a process of concept, design, create a sample, modify the sample if needed, create a mold, create a master model, then make multiple waxes from the mold. All of

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Your Chain Is Way More Expensive

I’ll bet you think both of these look the same. Well, they do. The one on the left is hollow, the one on the right is solid. So why does one 5mm rope chain cost 3 times more than another? Hmm, you have to love a sale, right? C’mon, really? Are you that gullible? We’re

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Alternative Metals, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Almost daily someone asks, “Can You Make It in Stainless?” So, why stainless? Damned if I know. Don’t get me wrong, I offer a few pieces that are 3d printed directly into steel. Did I say 3d printed directly? Yup. Casting steel is a very involved-expensive process. It’s a bear to polish, you must use

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