Sakcon Jewelers Ring Sterling/CZ Caylee Diamond Fashion Ring
Sakcon Jewelers Ring Caylee Diamond Fashion Ring
Sakcon Jewelers Ring Caylee Diamond Fashion Ring
Sakcon Jewelers Ring Caylee Diamond Fashion Ring

Caylee Lab-Grown Diamond Fashion Ring

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  • Made In PA.

Alright, buckle up, lovebirds! I've got a ring that'll make your heart skip a beat - and maybe a few other things too. My "Caylee" ring is here to wrap you up in some serious sparkle.

Picture this: a heart so curvy, it puts your favorite pin-up model to shame. But don't worry, this heart's not just a tease - it's outlined in lab-grown diamonds that'll make you weak in the knees. And speaking of weak, the band's got some moves of its own with those swirly, diamond-studded tendrils. It's like a little foreplay for your finger!

Two-toned in white and rose gold, because why settle for one when you can have both? It's the jewelry equivalent of a threesome, minus the awkward morning after.

So go ahead, slip this bad boy on. It's guaranteed to get your pulse racing faster than that time you "accidentally" sent a saucy text to your boss. But unlike that incident, this ring won't leave you red-faced - unless it's from all the compliments you'll be getting.

Remember, my diamonds are lab-grown, just like your desire for this ring will be after reading this description. Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, because saving the planet is sexy too.

Ready to put a ring on it? Trust me, with this sparkler, "I do" won't be the only thing you'll be saying yes to tonight!



49-Rd. E-F/VS Lab-Created diamonds

3/8 ctw

ğŸŽ­ About The Rocks ğŸŽ­

👑 Starring in Your Ring:

  • The Dazzling Diamond ğŸ’Ž
  • The Marvelous Moissanite ✨
  • The Colorful Gemstone Crew 🌈
  • Special Guest: Natural-Mined Diamonds (for the purists!)
  • E-F/VS Lab Created side diamonds (ethically fabulous!)

🏆 Medal-Worthy Metals:

  • 14KT White Gold (our lead performer)
  • 14KT Yellow Gold (the cheerful understudy)
  • 18KT Gold Trio: Yellow, White, Rose (the versatile triplets)
  • Platinum (the luxury lover)
  • Palladium (the cool newcomer)
  • Sterling Silver (the classic charmer)

ğŸŽ¨ Customization Station

Every piece is a bespoke masterpiece tailored just for you! Want to direct your own jewelry show? Let's chat!

⏳ The Creation

  • Standard Runtime: 4 weeks from curtain call (payment) to grand premiere (shipping)
  • Need a rush performance? Just holler - no extra charge!
  • For our more elaborate productions, the timeline may vary. Let's discuss it!

📏 Size Matters:

  • Get sized by a pro jeweler for the best results
  • DIY option: Rent our ring sizer kit for $10 (fully refundable with your ring purchase)
  • Remember: Wider rings feel snugger. Let's find your perfect fit!

💰 Showtime Tickets (aka Payment):

  • Full payment unlocks your jewelry's journey to stardom
  • Payment plans available for our budget-conscious patrons
  • Your masterpiece takes the stage after the final curtain call (last payment)

ğŸŽ¨ Customization Corner

Want to be the playwright of your own jewelry story? Let's collaborate! Check out my customization policies for the full scoop.

Ready to direct your own jewelry blockbuster? Let's make some bling magic happen! ğŸŽ¬âœ¨

All of my jewelry's is designed and created by me, made to order in America. I am currently averaging 3-6 weeks of production time for this most things. For more information on my timelines, check out my Shipping Information Page.

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