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Eden Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Eden Halo pendant.
Eden can be made in silver, gold, platinum or palladium. Any gemstone is available it is pictured with a 1.50ct round center.

It has .25ctw E-F/VS Rd. Lab Created diamonds in the halo and priced with a 1.5ct Neo Moissanite Center
The colored stone versions are priced with created gemstones, but natural is available.

I can create Eden in any size with any gemstones, including natural-mined diamonds.

10-round E-F/VS Rd. Lab Created diamonds .25ctw in halo

My pricing on this item is with diamonds in the halo and a 1.5ct round Neo Moissanite in the center

The colored stone pendants are priced with a Chatham Lab Created Colored stone and E-F/VS Lab Grown Diamonds in the Halo



10-Rd. E-F/VS Lab-Grown Diamonds total weight .25ctw
1-1.5ct EF/VS Neo Moissanite Center

Colored Stone Pendants
1-7.5mm Center (Weight Varies with the type of gemstone)
10-Rd. E-F/VS Lab-Grown Diamonds

1.25 ctw Complete


There are pictures of other variations; contact me to discuss what you would like along with the pricing

I can create this ring with a diamond, Moissanite, or colored gemstone center.
Lab-created diamonds are also available.

The Sterling Silver ring is priced with Cubic Zirconia stones

The Gold, Palladium, and platinum rings are priced with H/SI side diamonds and a Neo Moissanite Center

Everything I make is custom-made for you.

Solidly crafted in 14KT white gold, I can also make this in 14KT yellow gold, 18KT or yellow, white or rose gold, platinum, palladium, or most other metals with most stones. 

Please contact me to talk about your ideas.


Many of my designs here are renderings. Since everything will be customized for you, I prefer the renderings for your inspiration.


Everything I make is custom-made for you.

Heads up on the steel rings. There is a possibility of your finger turning colors because of the nature of the metal, It's harmless, but I want you to have a heads up

Titanium, cobalt, Tungsten or other alternative metal rings can not be sized after they are made. A new ring has to be purchased.


Solidly crafted in 14KT gold, 10K Gold, 18K Gold, platinum, palladium, or most other metals.

Please contact me to talk about your ideas.


My jewelry is created for you to order. If you want any modifications, ask to see if I can do it.
Special finishes are available


To create your handcrafted piece, I currently require about four weeks to ship from payment. 
If you need your piece sooner, please get in touch with me to see if I can accommodate your request at no extra charge. 
Some complicated pieces may take longer, so don't hesitate to contact me for a time frame.


Full payment is required to create your piece of jewelry.
Payment plans are an option if you'd like to do so. I'll start making your piece upon final payment


I will work with you to create customized pieces; contact me.
Take a look at my policies regarding custom orders.


Most of my products are custom made for you. I try to get everything shipped within 21 days. Most things are faster, a few things might be longer. 

If you have a specific date needed, let me know and I'll do my best to help you out

I will contact you upon payment and give you a estimated ship date

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